Art is priceless. Luxury is elegance. Design is passion.

Designer spotlight


Kelly Vorrea's incredible journey in “Design” started in 2007 from Mykonos, the island of the wings. Your trust and love rewarded her with five international distinctions. “Interior Design Award”, 2 times “Luxury Home & Hotel Decorations Supplier” & 2 times “Luxury Home & Hotel Decoration” from Seven Stars Awards.

winner 2017

Seven Stars Awards

Kelly Vorrea award Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle

winner 2021

Seven Stars Awards 
Home &
Hotel Decoration

SSA Award Kelly Vorrea

winner 2022

Seven Stars Awards
Best Luxury Home &
Hotel Interior Supplier

SSA award 2022 Kelly Vorrea



Natural Rafia and Cotton Ropes

Macrame designs Mykonos
Macrame eyes
Macrame and cotton ropes workshop in chora Mykonos by Kelly Vorrea